Something About Me

Welcome to my site! This site was created to display my various photo restorations, unique graphic designs, and creative web pages. I specialize in photo restorations, graphic designs, and web page and site development. Due to life-changing events, and after many years of running my own business installing tile, I chose to go back to college and change the direction of my life. In doing so, I have learned a great deal about restoring photographs, and also about creating new innovative graphic and web designs.

I absolutely love the restoration and designing processes and am quite pleased with the new programs designed for these processes. My degree is in web design, but truth be told, my first love is working with photos and graphics. I had no idea how much I could enjoy this type of work until my sister requested that I restore a photograph for her. I had restored one in college so I accepted the challenge and did a wonderful job of restoring the photo, which had been torn into five pieces. Since then I have restored many photographs, including another one for her that was taken around 1900 of her great grandparents. I have become quite addicted to taking a badly damaged photo and bringing it back to life. I especially enjoy working with older photos, and the challenge of repairing one that is missing small pieces. The feeling of giving a beautiful restored photograph back to the owner that thought it could never be repaired is a wonderful feeling indeed!

Coming up with new graphic design is different from the main stream is also enjoyable and takes some thought. There are so many designs these days. Making a creative new business card or logo is a challenge in itself, and bringing these together with business letterhead or signs is quite enjoyable.

Creating web pages that are attractive, user and search engine friendly, and work well for the purpose they were intended for is what I strive to create more of. These days most people enjoy some kind of internet interaction. I want to help them by creating user friendly pages, beautiful sites, and an overall good experience, instead of having problems with errors and pages loading slow. Please stay for a while and see some of my designs..